Mời đăng ký tham gia để nhận 3 giải thưởng của APLAR 2016

Dear APLAR member,

We would like to inform you that APLAR has announced the grants for 2016 on its website. There are 3 different types of APLAR grants for 2016: Fellowship, Research and COPCORD.

–          Information on Fellowship grant application can be found here.

–          Information on Research grants can be found here.

–          One COPCORD grant will be available for 2016. The grant announcement is attached here.

The application deadline for the three grants is on Friday 25th March 2016.

Kindly share this information with your national society members.

Thank you,

Warm Regards,


Coralie Deguerville
Association Manager

Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology (APLAR)


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